Imagine working with a team of wellness and beauty experts who are the leading experts in their field, allowing you to explore your self-perceptions and overcome the very things that are holding you back from your true potential! 
Beauty Bootcamp is for women from all walks of life, so whether you are a bride-to-be, a busy working mom, or a silver vixen looking to revitalize your style, you’ll find services custom tailored to your individual needs.
The wait is over and the struggle to truly take care of yourself inside and out will become a thing of the past.

Visit Beauty Bootcamp to become a refreshed, enhanced, and inspired version of you! 


Style cuts and colors, blow-outs and treatments and more. Plus support and advice to help you hair looking great for days. Whether your roots need a touch up or you want to experiment with a dramatic new color, our expert team has you covered. 


  • Laser hair removal

  • Acupuncture

  • Nutrition and fitness consultations

  • Yoga and pilates classes

  • Injections for hyperhidrosis


  • Eyebrow sketching

  • Brow lift

  • Lash extensions


  • Skin resurfacing

  • Face contouring

  • Skin tightening

  • Botox

  • MINT Lift

  • Dermal fillers

Personal Growth

Workshops designed to help you uncover the keys to making major breakthroughs at home, work, or in relationships


  • Cosmetic dentistry

  • Teeth whitening

Dr. Sarah Dihmes

Founder & CEO


Beauty Bootcamp started as a vision long ago, when founder Sarah Dihmes, Ph.D. was head of the clinical research team at the Avon Comprehensive Care Breast Center at Johns Hopkins Medical Centers. A long-time beauty pageant competitor and coach, Sarah noticed that the way breast cancer patients felt about themselves, and specifically their appearance, showed measurable improvement after using cosmetics donated by Avon.
Taking this idea several steps further, Sarah expanded her research to explore attitudes of female executives, busy moms, and nearly every woman she could study to determine how beautification treatments could positively affect their productivity, self-esteem, and overall mental health.
After gathering her data, a strong pattern emerged that lead Sarah to create Beauty Bootcamp. In today’s busy world, women feel that they don’t have the time necessary to become the best versions of themselves. By combining a multitude of services into a retreat held at a relaxing destination, ladies can now get the best of the best all in one place!
Sarah has assembled an impressive team of more than 20 leading experts in fields that range from dermatology to acupuncture, photography to psychology, and more. Beauty Bootcamp goes to great lengths to ensure your safety and privacy while offering you the utmost in selfcare.

Meet The Team

Dr. Sarah Dihmes

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Psychologist, founder & CEO of Beauty Bootcamp, and expert in all things beautiful.

Ken Paves

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Celebrity hairstylist to the stars

Dr. Sachin Shridharani

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NYC plastic surgeon extraordinaire

Dr. Vik Narurkar

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Super doctor award-winning laser specialist

Dr. Frances H. Yankie

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 Providing the know-how to make your pearly whites shine! Services with Dr. Yankie includes custom teeth straightening molds including ZOOM whitening. Enjoy
thousands of dollars worth of services for a fraction of the cost. 

Pooja Dugal

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Offering nutrition guidance that’s easy to follow, because after all, we are
what we eat! Pooja will review nutrient packed foods that allow you to look good, feel good, keep illness at bay, and bring out your natural beauty. You’ve heard that certain foods are great for your skin or nails - Beauty Bootcamp provides you with the ultimate list!

Lydia Magnoli

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 Fun fitness fanatic!

Jenny Insinga

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Super doctor award-winning laser specialist